Sh*t I said Pre Kids

Happy Monday babes! I’m hoping everyone is having a great start to their week! I’m going to admit it. I said a whole bunch of shit before I had kids. I always thought, “I’m never going to be like that Mom over there.” How judgey was I?! I could slap myself. LOL I wanted to share with you all the shit I use to say.

  1.  I’m always going to be done up with my hair done, make up done, cute outfit. 
    • LOLOLOL Let’s be real. I’m not THAT mom. I’m the no make up, hair a little messy, comfortable athletic wear Mom. Messy moms unite!!!
  2. My children will only eat organic and fresh food. 
    • LOL Eating Organic all the time is expensive. As long as I make sure Lily isn’t eating crap I’m good!
  3. I will never open any snacks before paying.
    • Again, LOL . Sometimes stores run out of the free healthy snacks for kids so I have to improvise! I’ll open up the snacks before paying. No shame in my game!
  4. I will keep my cool when my kid has a tantrum.
    • Thank goodness Lily has only had 1 tantrum in the grocery store. I’m definitely not that “calm” mom you see when my kid is throwing a tantrum. I’m the i’m slightly freaking out inside but trying to look calm. LOL so my face ends up all weird LOL
  5. They won’t have an iPad until they’re 10. Why on earth would you let your child have an iPad?!
    • No shame in my game. Our iPad is now Lily’s iPad. It is a life saver in the car. Moana & Daniel Tiger on repeat!
  6. I will never co-sleep.
    • We co-sleeped with Lily since she was 3 months to 10 months and those 7 months were the best days. Even though she kicked me in the face during her sleep I loved having her close to us. However now that she sleeps in her crib she sleeps so good! (I would have sleep trained her earlier LOL)

You never know what you’ll do until you have kids! I was silly for ever saying any of those things pre-kids. What are some things you said you wouldn’t do as a parent but do now? LOL I’d love to hear them!


Have a great day babes! Happy solar eclipse day!





Floral love for a date night feat. Pink Blush

Happy Saturday Friends! I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! My husband and I decided to have a date night yesterday! We drove to our old college town where my MIL loves and dropped off Lily to stay with Grandma! She loves staying at Grandma’s house because she gets to do anything she wants 😉 Lots of trips to Orange Leaf too! haha It is always so nice to have alone time with my husband but I always end up missing our little pipsqueak! Anyone the same?

I received my beautiful floral dress from Pink Blush in the mail so I knew I had to wear it for date night! I love shopping especially when it is online! I can shop in my jammies! #winning I love every. single. item from Pink Blush. It is such a trendy online boutique! I quickly threw on this beautiful dress and I was ready for date night!

We are currently in a heat wave in Kansas so this dress was perfect! It is lightweight and the cold shoulder detailing is so cute! We start date night by grocery shopping anyone else the same? LOL We’re weird. I wanted to cook dinner at home instead of going out but I got so many compliments on my dress while we were shopping! If you followed along with my Instagram stories you know that our date night was a fail because my knee ended up having to be a in a brace so we stayed in the rest of the night.

Background story: I’ve had bad knees since I was 12. I’ve always watched all the girls perform Gymnastics on T.V. then I would try to recreate the moves myself in our basement which ended me dislocating my knee cap multiple times and having to pop them back in myself. So painful! Fast forward to Friday morning: I did my usual circuit works out and then later in the day (during date night) my knee started to swell and I could barely walk. We ran to the store to get a knee brace to help me walk until I could get to the doctors on Monday. What a date night right? Lol

At least I looked cute for the first half date night thank goodness to Pink Blush. If you wanted to purchase my exact dress you can click HERE . It comes in two other colors as well! If you are in the market for cute and comfortable outfits look no further! Head to SHOPPINKBLUSH and shop right now! Like right now!


Have a good night loves!



I was pregnant with my second child

Happy Thursday babes! Today I’m talking about something I wasn’t going to share with anyone ever. I was just going to keep it curled up in a ball and put it away deep down. On February 18th we decided to take Lily to the Kansas City Zoo for the first time. We were so excited. The night before I had trouble sleeping. I woke up with pain in my stomach thinking maybe it was my acid reflux so I took my medicine then tried to go back to sleep and I couldn’t. I was just in so much pain. We went to the zoo and I was struggling. I couldn’t enjoy the day. We ended up leaving because I was in so much pain. My MIL watched Lily while Luke took me to urgent care. Urgent care wanted me to go to the ER right away.

To the ER we went. They ran tests, did x-rays, drew blood, sonograms, the works. There we found out 3 things: I was pregnant with our second child, I needed my gall bladder removed, & it was an Ectopic pregnancy. My baby could not survive. I was devastated. Luke and I weren’t even planning another child. Lily was still a baby and I was so overwhelmed and felt like I was in a daze. Everything was just happening at once and I was scared. In and Out came nurses and doctors and I was admitted to the hospital.

I feel like I had so many nurses and doctors- OB & my gallbladder doctor (I don’t know his actual name lol) my surgeon. We talked about all of my options and since my Fallopian tube wasn’t ruptured and it was early I could just do an injection to stop the pregnancy. My heart broke. I mean I knew the pregnancy couldn’t continue, there was no chance of survival but I felt like we were doing something wrong. I don’t want to go into too much detail about everything because it is still so raw for me.

Fast forward: My Pregnancy terminated and I got my gallbladder removed. There are days where I still think about our second baby. I always wonder if it was normal would it have been a boy or girl. I’ve kept quiet about this for so long. Only immediate family knew about this pregnancy, and it feels good that I’m being open about this. I don’t know what the future holds for us: if we are going to have anymore kids, will it be normal pregnancies, will we adopt, or are we done. All I know is that God has a plan for us and I put my trust in him.



Marriage comes first?

Happy Tuesday friends! Does your marriage come before kids or do your kids come before marriage? I feel like there is no wrong answer. Everyone has a different perspective of things and that’s perfectly okay. To my husband and I our marriage comes before our kids. We want to lay down a solid foundation to build our family around.

I’m not saying in anyway that if your kids come before your marriage that your marriage is falling apart. I’m not saying that and I don’t want anyone to think that. Luke was the man that saved me from myself. When I met him I was spiraling out of control. I wasn’t the person I am today and that person I was back then I am ashamed of. He saved me he was sent to me from God to love me and make me a better person and to help me get back on the right path. I cherish the relationship we have. This doesn’t mean that our marriage is perfect because it is not. But I want to keep this marriage alive because even though we love our sweet Lily so much more than anything, we love each other as well.

Luke is the one I started my life with. We gave birth to this beautiful spitfire of a girl. When she grows up and goes off to college, meets her future husband and starts her own family it will still be just Luke and I. That is why we put our marriage first. Before we got married Luke and I promised each other that our marriage would come before anything and anyone else. Just because you get married doesn’t mean you stop dating him. Sometimes we often get to comfortable and forget who we were. This is why I believe in dating your husband. Go on dates with your hubby, be spontaneous, etc. Keep that spark alive, keep your marriage alive. Do things you use to do before kids.

The other night when we had date night we went to Orange Leaf and was out and about at 8:30 P.M. (We are always in by 5:30 because Lily goes to sleep at 6.) We were sitting in the car just laughing hysterically over silly things. That was something we use to do when we were dating. It felt good to just be silly and be carefree. Of course we missed our little spitfire daughter though. #parentlife #momlife right? lol

What do you believe? Kids before marriage or marriage before kids? I would love to hear!

Fun fact: we got married at my childhood church! 

Have a great day everyone!





Loving your body after Pregnancy feat. PinkBlush

Hi babes! Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Tonight I wanted to talk about something serious: Loving your body after pregnancy. I was a little hesitant on writing this post because I sometimes hate my body and here I am writing about loving your body. When I started this blog and my instagram I vowed to be completely honest with all of you. So here I am telling you that I don’t always love my body.

It’s hard sometimes for me to love this body. I have extra skin here and there, extra curves, and stretch marks. But when I start feeling down about my body I remind myself that this body of mine carried and provided for my little human being for 9+ months. Our bodies does amazing things doesn’t it? Our bodies gave birth to our bundles of joy.

Sometimes when I go shopping I despise it. I didn’t bounce right back and going to try on clothes and all the new styles just sometimes disappoints me. I just don’t feel confident in certain styles. I’ve tried on all dresses at Target and Nordstrom and just don’t feel pretty and good about myself. I mean shouldn’t I be loving this new body of mine? You have heard me talk about Pink Blush numerous times on my blog and on my Instagram and it’s because I truly believe in this company. Pink Blush is an online trendy boutique that has the cutest, comfiest, and flattering clothes.

I’m being 100% honest with you that every Pink Blush item I have truly makes me feel confident with this new body. I feel pretty and it flatters my body. Their clothing makes me feel so good about myself. This dress from Pink Blush has to be my most favorite dress I own. (I feel like I say that every time lol) I love the peek a boo shoulders and the ruffles on the sleeve. It makes me feel skinny and confident in my own skin. I’m currently working out and trying to eat better to get fit but I’m so glad that as I’m learning to love the body I have now that I have cute clothes like this to help remind me that this body of mine is beautiful. Thank you Pink Blush for making me love my body a little more.

We as moms need to not be so hard on ourselves (including me). So here is just a reminder to all the moms that aren’t loving their post baby body: Your body is beautiful. You carried your child and gave life to your baby. Your body is beautiful and you are beautiful. We did something amazing with our bodies and we must show a little love for ourselves and our bodies. We want to be an example for our kids to show them how to love their body. I wouldn’t want Lily growing up and looking at her body hating her body ever. So here is to us mamas: Here is to changing our perspectives on her bodies. Here is to loving our post baby bodies.




My Must Haves in my Diaper Bag 

Happy Friday babes! One of my favorite things to watch on youtube are “What’s in my diaper bag” or “Must Haves in your diaper bag”. Today I wanted to share with y’all what my must haves in my diaper bag are! These items always have to be in my bag or we are going to have a melt down. (Lily & Mommy lol)

1.) Happy Baby Teethers:
These are Lily’s favorite snacks. It helps with her teething (hence the name lol) and it limits the mess while we are out and about! 

2.) Aquaphor Diaper Cream:
Lily gets diaper rashes every now and then but I like to try to prevent if I can so having this on hand is perfection!

3.) Nuk Sippy cup:
I’m trying to transition Lily to having her milk in a sippy cup and she loves this Nuk sippy cup!

4.) Freshly Picked Moccasins:
We can’t ever leave home without our favorite shoes! These are the only shoes that stay on her feet and it protects her feet while she is out exploring. Plus they are super cute!

5.) Purell Hand Sanitizer:
I’m a germaphobe. So I always have to have this on hand!!

6.) Luvs Diapers:
I typically only keep 1 or 2 diapers in my bag unless we plan on being gone for a long time but we have tried every brand out there but we just love Luvs. It doesn’t break Lily out and it’s a good deal!

7.) Pampers Sensitive wipes:
Lily has very sensitive skin & her tooshy is sensitive too lol We love how these don’t break her out!

8.) 7th Generation coconuts wipes: Toddlers are messy. I like to have these on hand to wipe her hands if they are sticky etc. Plus I’m a sucker for Coconut! I found these at Target

9.): Oilogic Essential Oil Roll on:
Y’all know this is my ride or die oil! I always have one in the diaper bag for Lily & for me to use as well!

10.) Motrin:
Teething= pain. I give this only to her when she’s really in pain and it works!

11.) Parent’s choice Pacifier wipes: I’ve tried every pacifier wipe on the market and these ones are still my favorite! Dr. Brown’s wipes are another favorite.

12.) Munchkin diaper trash bags:
I love these! Whenever we are out and about and I need to change her in the back of the suv, these come in handy! It helps me store it until I can throw it away!

What are your must haves for your diaper bag? I would love to know!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links which means if you click on them and buy it I receive a small commission. 

Fall staple piece feat. PinkBlush

 Happy Wednesday babes! We have been having cooler weather in Kansas and it makes me so excited for fall. Fall is my absolute favorite season. I mean pumpkin scented candles, Halloween, football, and pumpkin spice lattes. Oh did I mention hoodies? Hoodies are my all time favorite Fall staple piece. But let’s face it usually hoodies aren’t dressy or cute, UNTIL I came across this Pink Blush Hoodie.

I mean how cute is this hoodie?! I can still wear leggings and look comfy yet cute! I look a little more put together and the lace detailing at the top just make it pop! Did I mention that this hoodie is uber soft? WINNING. 

This Pink Blush hoodie will definitely  be a staple piece in my closet this fall. I love how you can dress it up or down! If you haven’t heard of Pink Blush it is a trendy online boutique. All of their pieces are so beautiful. If you would like to get this exact hoodie for yourself you can find it HERE . Plus y’all I just checked and it is on sale! Just another reason you can tell your husband why you had to get it. 😉


Have a great day babes!