What’s in My Diaper Bag

After going through four diaper bags, yes FOUR. I have finally found the perfect diaper bag for our little family! Introducing my JuJube B.F.F. Diaper bag in Queen of the Nile!


I have always loved high end hand bags. There are some women who have a shoe obsession but I have a handbag obsession. After having our sweet girl I have realized that it is so much EASIER to just carry one bag instead of a diaper bag & then my purse. I knew I wanted a stylish BACK PACK diaper bag & once I saw this I fell in love.


unnamed-2I love much I can pack in this back pack! I always make sure to have place mats, disposable diaper bags for dirty diapers, wipes, hand & face wipes, boogey wipes, Dr Brown bottles, formula, formula containers, diapers, & a toy.

Another upside to the bag is that it comes with a memory foam changing mat. We all know that not every place has a nice changing area let alone comfortable. My sweet babe is always on the move and I don’t want her to hit her head on the hard surface so the mat is amazing!


In the front zipper pocket is my Mommy pocket. I keep my cell phone, wallet, kleenex, hand sanitizer, chapstick & of course my keys. I love having a separate area for my things. PLUS I can hold the babe and have the backpack swung over to quickly unzip the front pocket to grab insurance cards or what not. Definite plus!! I’m so glad I finally found the perfect diaper bag for our family!

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