Baby Products I couldn’t live without

Happy Friday loves!  I have been running around all day packing for our mini road trip to my parents house. As I was packing for our sweet babe I knew which products I HAD to have and I wanted to share with you all what baby products I COULD NOT live without.


1.) Triple Paste Diaper Cream: Ya’ll this stuff is like MAGIC! Anytime our babe ever has a start of a diaper rash- within 24 hours it is GONE. Side note: We tried out Honest Diapers because I wanted the Christmas prints but she broke out terribly. 😦 I felt terrible & after we put this on the next day. CLEAR. Seriously. you NEED this.

2.) Boogie Wipes: Whenever she has a runny nose this is what I use as her tissue. It’s soft and its the only thing she will let me wipe her nose with. Real tissues she gets really P.O’ed. LOL

3.) Aveeno Baby Lotion: Like all babies Lily has sensitive skin. I mean like SUPER sensitive skin. Sorry babe, you got that from your momma! Our pediatrician said that she should be using eveything unscented anyways so this works well with our skin!

4.)  Nose Frida:  Ya’ll !!!! THISSSSSSS IS AMAZINGGGGG! Let me tell you that when I got this from one of my girlfriends at my baby shower I was like sucking your baby’s boogers out?! Yuck! But since the first time I used this I have been HOOKED. This helps me get out Lily’s snot especially when she is sick and all stuffy. It helps her out so much and don’t worry you never actually suck the boogers into your mouth. There’s a thing to stop it anyways.

5.) Little Remedies Saline: I love ALL little remedies products. This helps me loosens up her gunk in her nose and makes using the nose frida easier to get all that gunk out!!

6.)  Dr. Brown’s Wipes: I have every Dr. Brown item ever made. I love all of Dr. Brown’s products especially these wipes! If we are out and about and Lily drops her pacifier or something, I just clean it with these babies!

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! ❤


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