Make Up Eraser?!

Happy Monday loves! This momma has entered the teething phase! More coffee. Please. Like now. People aren’t kidding when your child is teething YOU WILL KNOW! Anyhoo! The hubs, babe, & I went shopping at Nordstrom! Is that anybody else’s favorite store?! 

As I was going through the make up section of course I picked up a few goodies! I have seen lots about the make up eraser but was super skeptical! Just this eraser with water and your make up comes off?!

As a new mom I’ve said before I have his new love for my skin so most days I’m bare faced. But on occasion I like to put some make up on & feel fierce. But I hate taking it off. Such a pain! But y’all I tried this last night & omg I was so amazed! It took off every single inch of the make up I was wearing! It was so much better than make up wipes! Quick! Run and get you one now!!!! 

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