Shoes shoes shoes!

If you see me out I’m always in tennis shoes. I’m not that glamourous mom always done up & high heels. But it’s time to pull myself together and go back to myself pre baby! I use to love wearing cute shoes! But now that I’m a mommy I need practical cute & comfy shoes! & I have finally done it! 

My newest pair of wedges are super cute & comfy! I’m wearing this babies today while I am out & about with the baby at my doctor appointment! Plus it’s not too high 😉  They are  By Caslon! I got them from Nordstrom!

My next ones are my FAVORITE Tory burch shoes I own! These sandals are so comfy and so cute! I bought these from Nordstrom last year! I love the tan color since it goes with everything!

& last are these Birkenstock look alikes! These are comfy and my husband surprised them for me when we were at Target I tried them on but they didn’t have my size so he ordered them & it definetly surprised me! 

What are you favorite shoes that are comfy? 

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