Honest Company Items I love

Happy Thursday loves! I went to Nordstrom and went on a shopping spree 😡 I know… I have a problem. LOL I had to pick up some favorites and thought I would share with y’all!

Honest Laundry Detergent: BEST LAUNDRY DETERGENT! Our pediatrian has always stressed no fragrance & all that jazz and stated we should switch our laundry detergent too since the babe is always on us! Therefore we tried the honest laundry detergent and it’s AMAZING! It doesn’t break out the babe or mommy (since she gets her sensitive skin from new)! 

Honest wipes: I’ve always love the honest wipes even before baby! I use to always put these in my bag just in case I needed a wipe to clean up a spill or what not! These work for my babe! 

Honest multi surface cleaner: I LOVE this cleaner! I love that when I clean a surface and if the babe comes over and licks that area lol you know that it won’t make her sick! 
Side note: as much as love all of the honest products the only thing that doesn’t work for the babe are the diapers! I’m so sad! I don’t know why but when we tried the diapers it broke her out! I’m so confused to why it doesn’t work for her!?!
Anyways! I’m taking a break since I’m having surgery tomorrow and will need time to rest! Have a good weekend loves! 

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