Uppababy savior 👍🏻

Happy Monday loves! Just a little update: I’m 3 days post surgery & im feeling okay! I can’t lift for 7 days including my babe so it’s been a little difficult on this momma❤️ I just want to snuggle her!! I just wanted to come on here & tell y’all about this Uppababy stroller! It’s been a LIFESAVER

📷: Nordstrom 

We bought this stroller because I needed a light umbrella like stroller that I could just whip out of the car easily. We have the graco jogger that we love when we run but it’s too heavy for this momma! And this has been a life saver now while I’m healing from surgery! Yes I have help with her but when I’m alone it’s been super easy & nice taking care of my daughter while she’s in the uppababy! Ladies you need this now!!!

Anyways! The weather is being crazy right now tornado warnings and everything around us! Stay safe loves! ❤️

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