Buy or Bye? Shaaanxo Eye Shadow/Lipstick Palette Review

Hi loves! Today I went into Ulta looking for ONE specific item & ended up leaving there with a bag full of goodies! Does this happen to anyone else too or is it just me? lol. Anyways, I was walking down the isles & I was so excited to see the eye shadow/lipstick palette that Shaaanxo had with Bh Cosmetics! I have never used Bh cosmetics before and have heard good things about them so once I saw one of my favorite youtubers have it I was like YASSSSSSSS BABE. && it was only $14.50?!!!! YES. I was pumped!

unnamed (1)

Can we please stop & take a moment and admire the beautiful packaging?!

unnamed (2)

Ya’ll these eye shadows are right up my alley. I love these type of bronze colors. They are so pigmented I love it!

unnamed (3)

This lip palette!!! *Enter hand raising emoji here please*** I love how pigmented these lip products are too! They are perfect!!!!

Ya’ll this palette is amazing! It is so pigmented and the eyeshadows don’t budge on me. They last all day and look amazing and the lip colors are so cute and i love the wide range of colors! It’s like you have one for every mood. You definitely NEED this.



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