Tips for Traveling with a baby (Airplane edition)

Happy Thursday loves! Today I wanted to share all my tips on flying with a baby! Now I know the idea of flying with a baby can be a little scary! When we first flew with Lily I was freaking out! But since I prepared everything I felt better & things went smoothly for us and I hope with my tips you and your babe will fly with ease! 

  1. Baby Carrier: I brought along our baby carrier to help us walking through the airport. It was quick and easy to store. 
  2. Backpack diaper bag: I made sure to have a backpack diaper bag so I could be hands free and easy access!
  3. Formula dispenser: now for the breast feeding mamas you won’t need this but since Lily has a milk protein allergy I have to pack formula and the dispensers are a life saver! All I need is a bottle of water with it & im good to go!
  4. Car rental with a car seat: I didn’t want to have to carry around her car seat or check it incase it would get damaged. Most car rentals have car seats so request one & leave yours at home! We had a really nice one in Nashville! I just sanitized it befor baby sat in it!
  5. Toys: i just packed a few of her favorite toys to keep her occupied 
  6. Pacifier: I gave our baby either her pacifier or bottle on take off and landing to help her ears pop. It works! 
  7. Kids show: my daughter loves peppa pig so I downloaded an episode to my phone so she could watch it. 

And last of all REMAIN CALM. Babies can sense when we are nervous or freaking out so just keep calm and everything will be alright. Don’t worry about other passengers if your baby cries. It’s natural and they will understand or get over it. I mean our baby is a BABY. 😜 
Our first flight with Lily went really well. She slept all the way to Nashville and all the way back. I hope my tips help you out!❤️

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