My Skincare Routine

Good morning babes! Happy Wednesday! This week is flying by! Easter is right around the corner! I wanted to share with y’all my skincare routine! 

Off and on I struggle with acne all of my life! I finally found a routine that works for my skin! My skin type is oily to combo. I always felt insecure wearing no make up since I had old acne scars / new pimples. But after doing this routine I’m seeing improvement and feel confident in my own skin! 

I first use the Kate Somerville Daily Cleanser acne treatment. I use this morning and night. I love the formula of the cleanser it isn’t too harsh on my sensitive skin but has definitely improved my scars and keeps me from breaking out! 

My cleanser dries out my skin a bit so I use my Simple Moisturizer. I love this product and how there is no harsh chemicals! It’s great for my sensitive skin! 

What are your favorite skincare items? 

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