Teething Tips

Hi babes! It’s been awhile! We’ve been in the process of moving to our new place & we love it! Our little princess is teething right now 😩😩😩 so I wanted to share with you some of my tips and toys to help you if or when your baby starts to teeth! 

Infantino Elephant: Kiki has been a life saver. It squeaks and a good teether for baby

Nuby baby teether: (UL) this one is my daughters favorite! It massages her gums and she loves it! 

Razberry teether: this one is nice because it’s like a binky but it has the ridges to help with their gum pain 

Nuby keys: this is a classic! They’re easy on the go and my daughter loves this! I like to pop them in the fridge so it’s a little cool for the babe

Baby toothbrush: I don’t know the company name of this one but my daughter loves it because it’s easy to hold and massages her gums as well. 

Last of all baby Motrin! I only give this to the babe when she is in really bad pain. But it works and helps relieve her pain.  

If you mamas have some tips on teething too please share with me too! I’d love to know what works for you and your babes!! 

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