Milk Protein Allergy Experience

Hey loves! Happy Thursday! This week I have been trying to re-introduce milk formula to my daughter. For all that do not know my daughter has a milk protein allergy. When she was just born we had no idea that it was pretty common in babies. It didn’t help that cheese/milk products made me sick. (I’ve actually grown out of it too).

When did you know that your baby had a milk protein allergy?

  • Lily was only a few weeks old when we found out she had a milk protein allergy.

How did you know? Signs/symptoms?

  • I found blood in her dirty diapers so I called the doctor right away.

What kind of formula does she drink?

  • Lily drinks Nutramigen (it is so expensive ugh)

Why did’t you just breast feed?

  • I couldn’t get her to latch when she was born and she was super hungry. I told the nurse give me formula to feed my baby. I believe in Fed is best. Even if I could breast feed if they have a milk protein allergy they can’t drink it.

How are you transitioning her back to milk formula?

  • After we got the ‘ok’ from her doctor we are slowly introducing milk formula. Our doctor told us to use sensitive Similac. I’ve only been giving her 2-3 oz a day just to test it out. So far so good!


I’m not a professional what so ever I’m a new mom listening to her baby’s doctor and doing what is best for our family. If any of you mom’s out there have gone through this I would love to hear your tips & tricks!


Bye babes šŸ™‚







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