Dockatot Grand Review 

Happy Thursday babes! 🎈 I am so excited for today’s review of our Dockatot Grand!

We decided to purchase the grand since Lily is 10 months old & it is the perfect size for her. 

The dockatot came beautifully packaged & I love this plastic dust bag it came with because it helps keep it clean while I take it to Grandma & Grandpas house. 

The dockatot grand made co-sleeping so much easier. My husband & I have been co-sleeping with Lily since she was 3-4 months old. We didn’t have anything between us we just both slept on the edge & woke up every morning a little sore. 

It was nice to wake up without getting kicked in the face or rib all night! (Our daughter is a mover in her sleep) She slept safely in our bed all night & mom and dad slept correctly too! 😉 I call this a WIN

We haven’t started the transition to moving her into her crib yet but I know with how we are co-sleeping with her in the dockatot that it will be a smooth transition. 

Plus Lily loves to take her naps in them & mom and dad love to lounge in it too lol 

If you are looking for something for your baby to co-sleep with you look NO FURTHER. Dockatot is the way to go! Also they have stage 1 size for smaller babies! It also comes in different colors but I chose the prestine white❤️

We love our dockatot grand❤️ quick! head to their website & order one now. It’s a must have mamas! 

A big Thank you to Dockatot for sending me one 🙂 

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