Vercord purse organizer Review

Happy Monday babes! If you have been following along on my instagram you know that I recently got the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM. I love my purse so much but I didn’t want to carry a diaper bag & a purse! It’s too much of a hassle to carry both when I’m on the go with Lily. 

I knew I had to find a purse organizer that would help me organized if I was going to use my neverfull as a diaper bag. I mean we all know once you put items in the nevefull it gets lost in there! 

I searched on Amazon and decided to purchase the Vercord purse organizer. It was easy and fast shipping. Y’all 🙌🏻this purse organizer is a game changer. It keeps everything in its own place and it makes everything so organized that when I’m wanting to grab something out of purse I know exactly where it’s at! It’s soft felt material so it won’t make your bag look too structured. It can move with you. Ladies, if you want to use your Neverfull as your diaper bag you NEED this. 

Hurry head to Amazon now & order you one! ASAP! I’ve included pictures to show you how mine looks! (Seriously my purse has never been this organized and STAYS organized) what?! Yes girl!! 

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