Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Top 12 Picks

Happy Thursday babes! Eeeeeekkkk!!!!! I can’t believe it is finally here! If ya’ll have been following along with me for awhile you would know that Nordstrom is my FAVORITE store hands down! I love me some Nordy’s! 🙂 I rounded up my top 12 picks from the half yearly sale! I may or may have not ordered them today. lol


Top L-R

1.) Tory Burch Leather Clutch: Ya’ll can we take a moment and admire how beautiful this pink color is. It is a MUST have.

2.) Freshly Picked Moccasin: Do we have to really explain why? I mean look at how cute these are! I HAD to get these for Lily.

3.) Tory Burch Espadrille: I love Tory Burch shoes! Look at how cute these are! You can’t ever go wrong with these babies!

Second Row L-R

4.) Prada Sunglasses: Ya’ll these babies are 40% off! Yes 40%! I love the shape of these and can’t wait to wear them!

5.) BP Decker Lace-up Sandal: I’m a mom so you will never catch me in really tall heels. But these heels are perfect! How cute are the lace up though!

6.) Little Me Shimmer Dress & Headband: How cute is this dress for Lily?! I can’t wait for her to wear it!

Third Row L-R

7.) Kate Spade New York lewis way pompom tote: OMG HOW CUTE! I can’t wait to take this baby on our cruise!!!!

8.) Zella leggings: I have like 6 pairs of Zella leggings and they are by FAR the best leggings ever!

9.) Kendra Scott “Danay” Drus Drop Earrings: Gorgeous. That is all.

Bottom Row L-R

10.) David Donahue Dress shirt: My husband loves these dress shirts for work! They fit his frame really well! 40% off ladies!

11.) Rebecca Minkoff OTS Dress: This is my FAVORITE purchase! How cute is the detailing on the top?! I can’t wait to wear this for Lily’s birthday!!!

12.) Bardot OTS dress: I’m a sucker for OTS anything so ya’ll already know this was a must!

Have you guys shopped the sale? What were your favorite picks?

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