Never the cool kid & that’s ok.

I was never the cool kid & that’s ok. I hung out with people that were “cool”. But I didn’t get invited to much outside activities. Looking back now those “friends” really weren’t my friends. I always tried hard to be in with them. I tried hard for them to like me. What was I thinking? I was good enough. But to them I wasn’t good enough. 

Luckily I did find a handful of real friends that loved me for me. I have a goofy sense of humor. I’m clumsy, sometimes I studder, I randomly dance in public places. I’m silly. I’m just me. 

I realized something lately and it really put things into perspective. I love blogging and sharing my life in pictures on Instagram. But I found myself trying hard for people to like me. Not that I was being fake. If you’ve watched my Instagram stories that’s how I really act. What I mean is I wanted to be in and friends with certain people and I was trying too hard. What am I doing? I’ve met some amazing friends here on Instagram and the blogging community. I’m so blessed for the mom community since it brought me some friends. 

But I am enough. I’m good enough for myself. & that’s all that matters. Here is to keeping it real 👍🏼

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