Moms Shaming?! Support?!

Hi babes! Happy Monday! I wanted to share something with y’all that happened to me in recent weeks.

I recently got mom shamed about a month ago and I’ve been keeping quiet about it but I can be quiet no more! This particular person had told someone that I had too many date nights and that person kept my daughter too much. 

Excuse me? For the record my daughter goes and stays with her Grandma when we want a date night which is usually once a week (If that.)

I was so shocked and so mad… more so PISSED. I mean I’m a damn good mother. I love my daughter more than life itself. But I also love my husband as well. I feel it is VERY important to still date your husband especially when you have kids. 

It’s crazy. Aren’t we as mothers suppose to support other mothers? Even if this person wasn’t a mother shouldn’t SHE  be supportive? What happened to women supporting other women? 

I’m so disgusted by this person. I know I am doing right with how I Raise my daughter and love her. Who is this person to judge me? 

Y’all we need to stop shaming each other and support each other. Be there for one another and uplift one another. 

& to that person who shamed me: I support you. 

4 thoughts on “Moms Shaming?! Support?!

  1. I support you! I always say that unless a child is being abused people should keep their noses on their own face! People find the stupidest stuff to pick at. Even if you go on a date with your husband once a week so what! Actually, good for you! You are a wife before you are mom. Plus, leaving baby with Grandma is the next best thing to Mommy! Lastly, you and I both know that people who attack others are themselves a hot mess and they just want to bring you down to make themselves feel better! Just keep doing what you’re doing Mama! 😉

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