Nuby Teething Trends Beaded Bracelet @NubyUSA #NubyUSA

Hi babes! Happy Tuesday! Who can agree that teething babies are cranky? It is so sad when our babes are teething. We as mamas want to help them out and always make them feel better. I love all of my teethers that I have bought for Lily but my most favorite ones are the wearable jewelry! I’m a germaphobe but what first time mom isn’t?! When we are out and about in public I don’t like to bring one of her regular teethers because I’m always afraid  Lily is going to drop it on the disgusting dirty ground in supermarkets and such! (Again first time mom: GERMS)

That’s why I love Nuby’s Teething Trends Beaded Bracelet! I love how its wearable teething jewelry and fashionable! Lily can still chew on it and I don’t have to worry about it falling on the ground! I love how it is soft textured surfaces so it will be gentle on her gums while she is chewing! You already know its BPA free!! These are available in different colors and you can buy these at ! Quick mamas! These are affordable teething jewelry! You need these in your life!

Visit NubyUSA’s social media pages and show them some love!

Disclosure: I received this product for a review but this is my HONEST review of the product.

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