Lily’s Nursery Reveal

Happy Wednesday babes! It is almost the weekend! I am so excited to share with you Lily’s Nursery reveal! Just a back story: Lily has been sleeping in her dockatot inside of her pack n play. We bought her crib when I was 5 months pregnant and here we are almost a year later and we just now put it together lol. When we moved into our new home we didn’t really decorate much so everything was a little mismatched. & now it is what I always have imagined her room to be!

I wanted to stick to pink theme. She loves Peppa pig and Disney Princesses so I thought pink would be perfect!

This rocker was passed down to us by my brother in law. My brother in law and his wife had raised their three beautiful babes in this rocker and now we get to raise Lily in it. 🙂  The Donut worry be happy sign is from Target dollar spot 😉

Once I saw this Disney Princess sign at Target I knew I had to have it! I love the quote on it! I want Lily to always dream and follow her dreams.

We purchased this 4 cubed stand at Walmart. I wanted to find something to match Lily’s crib and this matched perfectly! I got the two pink buckets which are filled with Lily’s ‘comfy clothes’ & ‘sleepers’ from Target. The wired basket is from the dollar spot at Target! This is where I keep Lily’s most played with toys in! On the other side are Lily’s book collection. The rest of Lily’s toys and stuffed animals go into this big pink bucket which is also from Target as well!

Since my daughter is obsessed with Peppa Pig I had to incorporate in some Peppa some how 😉 Special note: The baby blanket there was Luke’s baby blanket. Isn’t that the sweetest? I love having things passed down to Lily.

& Of course every girl needs a ball pit! This Minnie ball pit is from Walmart.

Here is a closer look of the cubed stand. On the top we have her baby monitor, night light/projector, her hair bows, & in this basket is her diapers, wipes, lotion, and diaper cream. We usually have her white noise machine on here as well but it wasn’t in her room at the time. Also we have her baby bible on top as well!

Here is a closer look at the top of the stand.

In the corner we have her plastic drawers which in the 1st drawer I keep her extra diapers, 2nd & 3rd drawers are more clothes!

On the wall next to her bathroom I just hung more Peppa Pig because you can’t have too much Peppa!

For Lily’s bathroom I just wanted to keep it simple and classic. The flower pot is from Ikea. 
It was a lot of hard work to re-do her room but I am so happy how it turned out! I wanted it to be pink, bright, and simple. How did you decorate your children’s nurseries?

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