Build a Buddy #NubyUSA @NubyUSA

Happy Monday babes! I hope you had a great weekend! I was so excited (so was Lily) when we got this from Nuby. I mean look at how cute this Nuby Build a buddy is!

Lily LOVES this toy! She loves to take anything off something and put it back on! She loves to stack things! She also loves the crinkle sound the lion head makes and there are multiple teething surfaces for my poor teething baby! This toy is perfect for 6 months plus! 

Nuby Soft Build-a-Buddy Lion: 

The soft, cuddly Build-A-Buddy lion is a plush stacking ring toy that helps develop hand eye coordination. The set includes 4 stacking pieces. The lion’s mane crinkles, it’s tail squeaks, the base features two teethers with multiple teething textures adding extra fun and interaction for your baby. 

Visit NubyUSA’s social media and check out their pages!

Disclosure: I received this product for a review but this is my HONEST review of the product.

4 thoughts on “ Build a Buddy #NubyUSA @NubyUSA

  1. This looks so fun!! I’ll have to remember for Zoey, she tries to put everything in her mouth so this might be perfect!


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