Nuby Soft Plush Squeak, Rattle N’Roll Toy @NubyUSA #NubyUSA

Hi babes! Today I am talking about the Nuby Soft Plush Squeak, Rattle N’ Roll Toy! Isn’t great how Nuby has all these toys?! I love Nuby (not only because I’m one of their bloggers) but I love their products! Most of them work great for our family and this one Lily loves! It’s crazy to see your child learning new things each day and Lily has started to kick this ball around the house! It is SO cute!

The Soft plush ball will keep her entertained with contrasting colors, patterns, and different textures to grip and hold on too. The multiple colors and sounds stimulates your babe’s senses! It rattles, crinkles, and squeaks! It keeps Lily entertained and I know it will entertain your babe too! You can find this awesome toy on Amazon! 

Another cool thing about this ball is that you can put the rattle toy and soft plush toy back into their slots so they can roll the ball around! Like what?! YES girl. You need this!!! 

Hope everyone has a great day! We can do it mamas! Almost there!
Visit NubyUSA’s social media and check out their pages!
Disclosure: I received this product for a review but this is my HONEST review of the product.

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