Nuby Happy Hands Teething Mitten @NubyUSA #NubyUSA

Hi babes Happy Thursday! I’m back with another Nuby product! Obvi because hello title ^. LOL If you have been following me on Instagram you know it has been a TOUGH week for Lily and I! She has been teething hardcore! She has been non-stop crying and has been chewing on her hands. Her poor hands are so dry! It makes this mama so sad! But have no fear mamas! Insert: The Nuby Happy Hands Teething Mitten! Ya’ll this product has a Velcro strap that keeps this mitten on so your baby can chew and not try to take it off! Lily has been loving this mitten and so have I! It gives her hand a break to heal and lets the lotion do its job! Even though Lily has been hardcore teething this gives her at least a little bit of relief! But while us mamas sometimes have to ride out this teething at least this will protect our baby’s hands! 

The Nuby Happy Hands Teething Mitten features soft silicone teething surface that helps relive sore gums and protects your baby from scratching! Lily has LONG nails! Even when I just cut them they grow back so fast she always ends up scratching herself and this helps with that! Plus it comes with a hygienic travel back perfect for on the go! You can find this product on Amazon as well!

Visit NubyUSA’s social media and check out their pages!
Disclosure: I received this product for a review but this is my HONEST review of the product.

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