Freshly Picked Loving + GIVEAWAY

WOOT WOOT! Happy Friday babes! I am so excited to be teaming up with Freshly Picked for this special post! Stay tuned for the giveaway instructions! Ok ya’ll who else has been loving Freshly Picked?! Everyone? Yes! We are absolutely loving these cute moccasins that we received! These are called Woven Rasberry and they are the cutest thing I have ever seen! 

Lily is walking and running around all over the place and I love how soft and flexible these are because what toddler likes shoes? But THESE babies Lily LOVES and keeps on! Thanks Freshly Picked! I love how durable the material is and I love how these actually stay on Lily’s feet! WINNING!

I mean….look at HOW CUTE they look on her?! These moccasins look cute on EVERY baby/toddler/kid. I die of the cuteness! Hurry mama you need to order like every pair! You can order a pair at
Now giveaway time! I am teaming up with Freshly Picked to giveaway one of my Instagram followers a pair of their own! Head to my instagram to enter!

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