Jord Watch + Giveaway

Hi ya’ll! I am so excited to be partnering up with Jord Watches! They have created timeless hand-crafted wood watches. I love how modern the watches are and how it can go with every outfit. When I first opened up my package I was so impressed that it came with a beautiful wooden box. It was so amazing and the detailing was spectacular! The watch also comes with preserve cleaning oil and a special rag to go with it! Another good thing about the company is that they have men and women watches! All different styles and all different types of wood!

My particular watch is the Frankie 35 series Zebrawood & Champagne. I chose this because I love the classic gold face watch and the lighter wood mixed with streaks of darker wood. I love how slim the watch is since I have a smaller wrist I didn’t want to have too big of a watch face, which is why this one is perfect for me! Did you know with Jord watches you can also customize your watch? You can even have it engraved for you or for a special someone. How awesome is that?


GIVEAWAY TIME! I am so excited to be partnering up with Jord Watches to give $100 credit to one of my followers! Don’t worry if you don’t win! Every one is a winner in this giveaway! Every one who enters the giveaway will get a $25 code sent to them at the end of the giveaway!

How to enter? Follow me @simplylynnblogxo & @jordwatches on Instagram. Don’t forget to click on this link & fill out the contest form!

Giveaway ends August 20th @ 11:59 P.M.

If you were wanting to order my watch I have it linked right here


Good luck loves!


Wooden Wrist Watch

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