Postpartum Depression update + Amir Essential oils diffuser review 

Happy Tuesday babes! I am so excited to be collaborating with Amir with their essential oils diffuser! You may be wondering, “Why is she giving a postpartum depression update with a product review?” I wanted to combine both topics because the Amir Essential Oils Diffuser has helped me with my postpartum depression.

As you all know I was diagnosed with ppd 3-4 months after giving birth to Lily. Zoloft was prescribed by my doctor and I have been on it for a year. This month marks 1 year since I’ve had ppd. (I had ppd ever since I gave birth to Lily I just didn’t realize I needed help until a few months later.) After trying to come off Zoloft a couple of months ago I felt like I couldn’t do it without Zoloft and that is completely ok. If you aren’t ready, you aren’t ready. It does not mean you are a failure. 

I didn’t want to be so dependent on Zoloft anymore though. I got introduced to essential oils by a friend and it has changed my life. I’ve been wearing a mix she made for me and a relax mix as well. During this time period I completely went off Zoloft. (Please consult your doctor before doing this. I realized that I was suppose to before going cold turkey.) After the essential oils started helping me with my anxiety I knew I wanted to have a diffuser. At this same time AMIR Direct had reached out to me to review their essential oils diffuser. That was definitely perfect timing.

Once I received my AMIR essential oils diffuser I instantly fell in LOVE! This diffuser can change different colors so with how I’m feeling I change the color to match my mood! It is so sleek looking I love placing it on the counter and it doesn’t take up much space!

There are times where I still feel anxiety but once I feel it coming on I Stop, Breathe, and tell myself I got this. I then rub a little essential oils on my wrist and start my Amir Essential Oils diffuser and I feel calm. It’s amazing how this diffuser truly does help me with my anxiety. Have you tried an essential oils diffuser?

If you are in the market for an essential oils diffuser you definitely need to check this one out! You can order my exact same one right HERE . Also you can use my code for 40% off! Code: AMIRHMZF

Disclosure: I did receive this product for free to review but these are all my honest thoughts. 

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