Mama You Matter Too

Happy Tuesday babes! I’m on my third cup of coffee and I am ready for this day!

Motherhood. Let’s face it. It is the hardest job I have ever had but also the most rewarding. I mean just one look at Lily and I melt and I thank God every day for blessing me with my little spitfire. But it is so exhausting chasing after a little toddler, making sure the house is clean, keeping up with house chores, endless laundry, taking care of other responsibilities, your husband, if you have a FT job etc. I mean Women rule the world right? YESSSSS. Us mamas are always on the GO GO GO. We take care of everything and everyone. But who takes care of us?

We do everything and we take care of everyone. But we all need to realize that us mamas matter too. We need to remind our selves that we need to take care of ourselves. What good are we if we are burnt out and just in a terrible mood? When I’m burnt out little things just irritate me. I pick little fights with my husband like, “Why the hell are you chewing so loud?” or “Can you not clean up your own shit?” LOL When I reach this point I know I need to take a step back and take care of myself.

We are all super moms but we can also get super stressed out. We need to make sure we get our mommy breaks to relax & recharge. I mean who wants a mean mommy or mean wife? I know my family doesn’t.

When I want to recharge here are my favorite things to do:

  1. Go get a coffee & head to Starbucks: This is one of my favorite things to do. I love to just browse every single aisle just by myself. It’s heavenly.
  2. Mani/pedi : Whether I’m painting my nails myself or heading to the salon I love getting pampered. It makes me feel like a new woman!
  3. Bath bomb while reading my favorite book: If I had a rough day I love a hot bath and toss a bath bomb in & read my favorite book! It is so relaxing!
  4. Doing a face mask or nose strip: I love to feel pampered so I love to do face masks or the biore nose strips!!
  5. Talking with my girlfriends: I love catching up with my girlfriends talking about anything and everything. It is a stress reliever! #mamatribe
  6. Blog and catch up on emails: Work as a recharge method?! Yes…LOL I love to sit down and put my head phones on and just work away. It’s my favorite. I’m weird I know.
  7. Have “Quiet” time: I sometimes will just sit there in silence or again put my head phones in and listen to music.

Whatever your favorite way to relax and recharge is, just Do it! Make yourself a priority mama! We matter too! If we aren’t feeling at our best then we aren’t doing our best for our family either. So let’s all try to remember to take care of ourselves because we matter too. What are some of your favorite ways to relax & recharge?










One thought on “Mama You Matter Too

  1. Love this! My husband and I just had a conversation about how I feel so guilty for asking for time for myself, but I need it! Mamahood is great but it definitely burns you out! Great post friend! 💛


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