Quick zip Review

Happy Tuesday babes! Raise your hand if you hate putting on sheets? THIS GIRL! It is always a struggle to put on sheets and I always feel like I am wrestling with it! Now that Lily is sleeping in her own crib, I have to put on her crib sheets so now I’m wrestling with two sets of sheets. Introducing: Quick Zip every Mom’s dream come true!



That’s right folks this is a game changer! With Lily sleeping in her own crib I didn’t want her crib sheet to ever come off the edges and something bad happens. With the Quick Zip you don’t ever have to worry about her crib sheet budging. The starter kit comes with the base zip and then you have the sheet that zips right onto it. It is seriously so easy.


The base is a wrap around base and all you have to do to change the sheet is just zip the top off and throw it in the wash! Y’all I can zip and unzip this sheet with ONE hand. Like WHATTTT?!


With the Quick Zip you can say goodbye to those wrestling matches with the sheets and you can sleep soundly knowing your babe is sleeping safely. Mom & Dad : They have sheets for our size of beds too! Yassssssss! Head to Quickzipsheet and order yours today!





Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Quick Zip but this is 100% my honest review.

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