My Must Haves in my Diaper Bag 

Happy Friday babes! One of my favorite things to watch on youtube are “What’s in my diaper bag” or “Must Haves in your diaper bag”. Today I wanted to share with y’all what my must haves in my diaper bag are! These items always have to be in my bag or we are going to have a melt down. (Lily & Mommy lol)

1.) Happy Baby Teethers:
These are Lily’s favorite snacks. It helps with her teething (hence the name lol) and it limits the mess while we are out and about! 

2.) Aquaphor Diaper Cream:
Lily gets diaper rashes every now and then but I like to try to prevent if I can so having this on hand is perfection!

3.) Nuk Sippy cup:
I’m trying to transition Lily to having her milk in a sippy cup and she loves this Nuk sippy cup!

4.) Freshly Picked Moccasins:
We can’t ever leave home without our favorite shoes! These are the only shoes that stay on her feet and it protects her feet while she is out exploring. Plus they are super cute!

5.) Purell Hand Sanitizer:
I’m a germaphobe. So I always have to have this on hand!!

6.) Luvs Diapers:
I typically only keep 1 or 2 diapers in my bag unless we plan on being gone for a long time but we have tried every brand out there but we just love Luvs. It doesn’t break Lily out and it’s a good deal!

7.) Pampers Sensitive wipes:
Lily has very sensitive skin & her tooshy is sensitive too lol We love how these don’t break her out!

8.) 7th Generation coconuts wipes: Toddlers are messy. I like to have these on hand to wipe her hands if they are sticky etc. Plus I’m a sucker for Coconut! I found these at Target

9.): Oilogic Essential Oil Roll on:
Y’all know this is my ride or die oil! I always have one in the diaper bag for Lily & for me to use as well!

10.) Motrin:
Teething= pain. I give this only to her when she’s really in pain and it works!

11.) Parent’s choice Pacifier wipes: I’ve tried every pacifier wipe on the market and these ones are still my favorite! Dr. Brown’s wipes are another favorite.

12.) Munchkin diaper trash bags:
I love these! Whenever we are out and about and I need to change her in the back of the suv, these come in handy! It helps me store it until I can throw it away!

What are your must haves for your diaper bag? I would love to know!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links which means if you click on them and buy it I receive a small commission. 

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