Loving your body after Pregnancy feat. PinkBlush

Hi babes! Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Tonight I wanted to talk about something serious: Loving your body after pregnancy. I was a little hesitant on writing this post because I sometimes hate my body and here I am writing about loving your body. When I started this blog and my instagram I vowed to be completely honest with all of you. So here I am telling you that I don’t always love my body.

It’s hard sometimes for me to love this body. I have extra skin here and there, extra curves, and stretch marks. But when I start feeling down about my body I remind myself that this body of mine carried and provided for my little human being for 9+ months. Our bodies does amazing things doesn’t it? Our bodies gave birth to our bundles of joy.

Sometimes when I go shopping I despise it. I didn’t bounce right back and going to try on clothes and all the new styles just sometimes disappoints me. I just don’t feel confident in certain styles. I’ve tried on all dresses at Target and Nordstrom and just don’t feel pretty and good about myself. I mean shouldn’t I be loving this new body of mine? You have heard me talk about Pink Blush numerous times on my blog and on my Instagram and it’s because I truly believe in this company. Pink Blush is an online trendy boutique that has the cutest, comfiest, and flattering clothes.

I’m being 100% honest with you that every Pink Blush item I have truly makes me feel confident with this new body. I feel pretty and it flatters my body. Their clothing makes me feel so good about myself. This dress from Pink Blush has to be my most favorite dress I own. (I feel like I say that every time lol) I love the peek a boo shoulders and the ruffles on the sleeve. It makes me feel skinny and confident in my own skin. I’m currently working out and trying to eat better to get fit but I’m so glad that as I’m learning to love the body I have now that I have cute clothes like this to help remind me that this body of mine is beautiful. Thank you Pink Blush for making me love my body a little more.

We as moms need to not be so hard on ourselves (including me). So here is just a reminder to all the moms that aren’t loving their post baby body: Your body is beautiful. You carried your child and gave life to your baby. Your body is beautiful and you are beautiful. We did something amazing with our bodies and we must show a little love for ourselves and our bodies. We want to be an example for our kids to show them how to love their body. I wouldn’t want Lily growing up and looking at her body hating her body ever. So here is to us mamas: Here is to changing our perspectives on her bodies. Here is to loving our post baby bodies.




8 thoughts on “Loving your body after Pregnancy feat. PinkBlush

  1. Love everything about this post! I’m right there with ya on not loving my postpartum body and just finally accepting that it’s ok to have gone up a size and still be hanging onto an extra 10-15 lbs. We’re amazing and so are our bodies! 😘

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  2. You are beautiful! And this post was well written. I think sometimes as women, and especially postpartum mamas, we are too hard on ourselves. That body created and housed a life for 9 months!!
    You look amazing. And that dress was practically made for you, love it 😍

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  3. Another pocket dress 😍 Yes I completely agree about changing our minds about our bodies, if not for ourselves then definitely for our daughters! I have made a vow to change what I say about my body, so Nellie never views her self in a negative way!! ❤️❤️


  4. This post makes me so happy! I am very uncomfortable with my body some days, and it’s so important to have clothes that make you feel good about yourself! I’m going to check this brand out💙 thank you so much for sharing!

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