Marriage comes first?

Happy Tuesday friends! Does your marriage come before kids or do your kids come before marriage? I feel like there is no wrong answer. Everyone has a different perspective of things and that’s perfectly okay. To my husband and I our marriage comes before our kids. We want to lay down a solid foundation to build our family around.

I’m not saying in anyway that if your kids come before your marriage that your marriage is falling apart. I’m not saying that and I don’t want anyone to think that. Luke was the man that saved me from myself. When I met him I was spiraling out of control. I wasn’t the person I am today and that person I was back then I am ashamed of. He saved me he was sent to me from God to love me and make me a better person and to help me get back on the right path. I cherish the relationship we have. This doesn’t mean that our marriage is perfect because it is not. But I want to keep this marriage alive because even though we love our sweet Lily so much more than anything, we love each other as well.

Luke is the one I started my life with. We gave birth to this beautiful spitfire of a girl. When she grows up and goes off to college, meets her future husband and starts her own family it will still be just Luke and I. That is why we put our marriage first. Before we got married Luke and I promised each other that our marriage would come before anything and anyone else. Just because you get married doesn’t mean you stop dating him. Sometimes we often get to comfortable and forget who we were. This is why I believe in dating your husband. Go on dates with your hubby, be spontaneous, etc. Keep that spark alive, keep your marriage alive. Do things you use to do before kids.

The other night when we had date night we went to Orange Leaf and was out and about at 8:30 P.M. (We are always in by 5:30 because Lily goes to sleep at 6.) We were sitting in the car just laughing hysterically over silly things. That was something we use to do when we were dating. It felt good to just be silly and be carefree. Of course we missed our little spitfire daughter though. #parentlife #momlife right? lol

What do you believe? Kids before marriage or marriage before kids? I would love to hear!

Fun fact: we got married at my childhood church! 

Have a great day everyone!





2 thoughts on “Marriage comes first?

  1. We always try to put our marriage first. Obviously Liam’s needs come before our needs but we still make a point to keep our relationship at the forefront because, like you said, without us there wouldn’t be a Liam. It’s hard sometimes to make it out for date night but you just gotta do it!

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