Qalo Ring Review

Disclosure: This is in Collaboration with Qalo. However this is still 100% my honest review. 🙂


Happy Sunday sweet friends! Today I’m reviewing the Qalo Ring! Have you heard of Qalo? Qalo rings are a silicone wedding band that is comfortable and flexible for an active lifestyle.

Who wears their wedding ring/band 24/7? Come on, be honest. I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing my wedding ring/band but while I’m trying to change Lily’s diaper, my diamond ends up poking her every time. When I wash dishes/bottles I end up taking off my ring because my hands start to swell. When I clean the house, the same thing happens! I end up taking off my ring! Sometimes I even leave the house without it because I forgot to put it back on!

Who else works out with their ring on but then your hands swell or maybe you are lifting weights and you end up slipping because of your wedding ring/band. That’s why you NEED Qalo Ring. You can do any activity with your ring ON. You are still showing your commitment to one another while still working out, washing dishes, cleaning the house etc. I even shower with my Qalo Ring! It seriously feels like nothing is there and it is so comfortable! I love my Carrie silicone stackable ring set. I love the colors and the different designs! I love my Qalo ring so much and I highly recommend them! Qalo has so many different styles and colors and they are affordable!

You never have to take off your wedding band anymore thanks to Qalo Ring! HURRY. You need these in your life! Head to and order yours today!




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