I want I want : Greed? Not grateful?

Happy Wednesday! It’s been awhile since I’ve sat down and really talked with you guys. Well here I am. So Grab your cup of coffee and let’s talk.

Do you ever find yourself saying, “I want a bigger house. I want a newer car. I want a new lap top. A bigger tv. I want a Louis Vuitton. I want to look like her. I want to go on a vacation just because. I want. I want. I want.” I’m guilty of all of this. While Lily was napping I just sat there thinking, why do I want so much? Why do I want what others have? Why can’t I just be happy with what we have? Why is it never enough? Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Lynn shut up. LOL

But seriously, I say I want too much. I never take a second and really be thankful for what I already have. It’s in our human nature to want. It just is! Right? I’m sitting here scrolling through Instagram and I see all of these beautiful houses with the most beautiful decor and I want that. I want want want want. So then I start getting moody with greed. It’s terrible and kind of embarrassed to admit.

Before we had Lily and I started blogging I would scroll through Instagram and see all of these Beautiful Louis Vuittons thinking that if I had one I would be so happy. Insert: My husband and I traveling to Charlotte for vacation and I pout and say “I want” multiple times and my husband saying Yes to buying my first Louis Vuitton. Yes I was freaking out, & Yes I was happy for awhile. But then there goes my Louis Vuitton collecting dust in the closet. Why did I want this bag so much but then ended up not carrying? We basically spent money down the drain. That’s not the first time either. We ended up selling the bag because I didn’t use it.

Insert: Another Louis Vuitton for my birthday. I told my husband I wanted another one and promised again to carry this one this time. My husband being so so sweet bought me another one. Guess what happened? I never carried it. I then told my husband I was selling another bag because I didn’t use it.

Why do I keep wanting materialistic things and not just be happy with what we have? Selfish. Greed. It’s not a cute look. I’ve been working on myself lately and have came to terms with something. I’m going to take in each moment and be grateful for what we have. No more wanting and being greedy.

So here are the things I’m grateful:

  • My husband: He works so hard to provide for our family and to make sure we always have everything. He is the absolutely the sweetest husband and sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve him.
  • My daughter: She lights up our world. Love of our lives. ❤
  • Our home: It’s perfect for us.
  • God: He always forgives us and still loves us even at our lowest points.


What are you grateful for?




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