Loopy Cases

Happy Friday babes! Who else has dropped their phones? Anyone ever drop it on their face? Yep, you already know I’m raising my hand! That’s why I’m so excited to talk about Loopy Cases! Ya’ll this is forreal a game changer! It’s a slim protective case with a finger loop in the back so you can stop the drop!

Loopy Cases came to life when three brothers came up with the genius idea of Loopy Cases after their dad had dropped his brand new iPhone! I love how the case is flexible and slim and the loop is comfortable when I’m holding my phone. Ya’ll I haven’t dropped my phone once since I’ve had my Loopy Case on! Isn’t this Periwinkle color to die for?! I LOVE the color so much and it even has the new super loop! The new loop has super strong tear-resistant material which is AMAZING since Lily is starting to chew on EVERYTHING. #Momlife

Who else has dropped their phone on their face? Yep! I can lay in bed scrolling through my Instagram feed without having to worry about dropping my phone on my face. #winning

What are you guys waiting for? HURRY. Head to https://www.loopycases.com/ and get yours today! Seriously.. DO IT.

Thank you to Loopy Cases for collaborating with me for this post! As always this is 100% my honest review. YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE!!

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