Anchored East Diaper Backpack Review

Good morning babes & happy Friday! This week was so slow for me but I am so happy to welcome the weekend! As a mom of a toddler I’m constantly chasing after Lily. I always need my hands free instead of holding my bag with my hands. That’s why I have been loving my Anchored East Diaper Backpack!

I love how stylish yet functional this Diaper back pack is. You guys it keeps me SO organized too! The Diaper Backpack comes with a changing pad, has an insulated pocket, & has pockets to keep your bag organized. You can dress up or down but still look put together with this Diaper back pack!

Another thing I like about the Anchored East Diaper back pack is that even though it’s stylish for mamas it is also not too girly for our husbands to wear.

This bag can also stand on its own! What?! YES. It is literally a dream when I’m packing up my bag.

There are also side drink holders as well that are roomy for any type of cup or bottle!

If you are in the market for a Backpack diaper bag look no further! Anchored East Diaper Backpack is the one you need! Get your Anchored East Diaper back pack

Check it out! You won’t regret it!



This was in collaboration with Anchored East however this is 100% my honest review.

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