Lollipop Baby Cam Review

Hi Everyone! A couple of weeks ago Lily had gotten sick in her crib and didn’t make a peep. You can imagine the mom guilt I felt the next morning when I went to get her and there was puke everywhere. Our current baby cam can’t see directly into her crib. (It has a wide shot view.) That’s why I’m so glad Lollipop sent me their Lollipop Baby Cam to Review.

Lollipop Baby Cam is a baby monitor that is Wi-FI based that you can view from your phone or tablet. When my husband is at work he can check into Lollipop Baby Cam to check on Lily. The baby monitor is made of a soft silicone that you can bend. You can place it on a table, hang it on the wall, or hang it on the crib.

One of the main things I love is that the Lollipop Baby Camera can detect crying. It will send me an alert when Lily cries instead of just noise. How awesome is that?! Also when you view on the baby monitor it is super clear!

I think the Lollipop Baby Cam is AMAZING. I love having this monitor hanging on Lily’s crib as an extra camera to make sure she is ok. (I know I’m overprotective lol #firstimemomproblems) Another thing I love about the baby cam is how easy the installation process is! I’m not tech savvy whatsoever so this was simple!

If you are in the market for a new baby monitor look no further! Lollipop Baby Cam is the baby monitor you need! Head to to check them out! You can purchase yours

Hope you all have a great day!






This is in collaboration with Lollipop Baby Cam. This is 100% my honest review.

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