Traveling with Dockatot

Happy Thursday babes! If you have been watching my Instagram stories you know that we are heading to Florida for vacation next month! Woot woot! I’ve received questions before about how we travel with Lily and how we get her to sleep so I thought I’d share my tips! We have always been Dockatot lovers! Our Dockatot has been a saving grace in our household since Lily was 8-9 months. That’s right, we were sleep deprived before our Dockatot came. Whenever we travel you bet our Dockatot comes with us.

Whether we are flying or driving we make sure to pack an extra Dockatot cover just in case an accident happens. Currently I have been OBSESSED with this beautiful cover called, “La Vie en Rose”. I’m a girly girl so of course you know Lily is too. haha

Sometimes depending where we are traveling we will bring the packnplay with us otherwise we just put the Dockatot in our bed and let Lily sleep with us.

With traveling with our precious Dockatot we have to make sure it gets to the destination safely and clean, we use our Dockatot Travel Bag in Moss Green. It zips and keep the Dockatot protected. It even has a spot where you can put your luggage tag info! I mean you can’t miss the Dockatot when we go to baggage claim but I know that the travel bag keeps it clean. The travel bag is very durable and will last you a long time!

Even when we aren’t traveling but we want a date night. Lily will go to her grandparents for the night and the Travel bag makes it easy to transport the Dockatot from one car to the other! If you are traveling soon and need a bag for your Dockatot, what are you waiting for?! Get it & take more trips!

Travel bag linked here:






Disclosure: This is in collaboration with Dockatot but 100% my honest review.

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