How Motherhood Changed me feat. Fawn Design

Motherhood has changed me. The day I saw the two lines show up on that test I was crying of pure happiness. It finally said pregnant after so many negative tests. The day I held Lily in my arms changed me forever. I remember being pregnant and everyone would tell me things about being a mom and how everything would be worth it. What people didn’t talk much about and were hush-hush about were postpartum depression, postpartum in general, and how sometimes motherhood was hard.


I feel like with motherhood, there are many different seasons. Some seasons are so good and some seasons are not so good. My postpartum depression was my bad season of motherhood. With the help of my doctor, my husband, & my family the season passed and the light was shining again. As a first time mom and a brand new mom I quickly found out that having the right diaper bag for you was major key to how things would go. That’s when I first heard about Fawn Design I quickly fell in love with the bag because it was the perfect diaper bag for me. My first Fawn Design bag was in blush pink. It fit everything I needed for myself and Lily and I would be prepared for each adventure we would go on!

Now that Lily is 18 months old (where did the time go?) I still find that my Fawn Design bag still is the PERFECT bag. I love how the Fawn Design bag can be worn back pack style or messenger style. My favorite way to wear my Fawn Design during this season is back pack style because Lily is always running full force & I’m that messy mother running after her toddler. Thank goodness my Fawn Design bag is so beautiful that everyone is more focused on the diaper bag then my messy no make up self, or the fact that I probably have a gold fish cracker crumbs on me or Lily’s leftover yogurt on my shirt. I call that a #win.


My Fawn Design bag has grown with me from the newborn stage to the toddler stage and it is still the perfect diaper bag. If you are looking for a chic, functional, diaper bag then look no further. The Fawn design bag has 10 pockets! That’s right ladies, TEN pockets. For my non-mom followers. This is also my every day bag. It is so stylish and when I don’t have Lily in tow you can still find me rocking my Fawn Design bag around Target.

I’m serious you guys if you haven’t owned a Fawn Design bag you need to go to right now and purchase yours today! You will not regret it. I currently own two (Gray & Black, I have also owned the Blush Pink too) and I’m trying to talk my husband into letting me get the brown. (Cross your fingers lol)


To my fellow mamas: You are doing a good job. If you are in a bad season right now, don’t worry this season will pass and the light will shine again. You are an amazing mom and are doing an amazing job.


Love you all,



Disclosure: This was in collaboration with Fawn Design. As always this is 100% my honest review.

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