&Blowdry Lawrence, KS

Happy Saturday friends! Last weekend I got the chance to visit &Blowdry in Lawrence, KS. I’ve never had a blowout before and so I was so excited to give it a try! Since my MIL was watching Lily, my husband came a long with me! As soon as we walked in we were greeted with smiling faces! They took my coat, handed me a robe, & asked if I wanted a beverage. I of course got coffee because #momlife.

I started with a deluxe pedicure. You guys, it was the BEST pedicure I have ever received. The worker was so nice and so sweet. With the deluxe pedicure I also got a neck warmer and ya’ll it was magical! I was so relaxed!  At most places they usually rush your pedicure but I didn’t feel rushed and it was so nice! After my magical pedicure I went to get my first blowout!

I mean who doesn’t like to get their hair washed and massaged right? My stylist discussed with me how I liked to style my hair and we went from there! I felt so relaxed and so pampered! The end result of my blowout: I LOVED IT. My hair felt amazing & looked great! After having my first experience with &Blowdry I give it 10/10! I walked out of there like a BRAND NEW person. I just felt AMAZING.

&Blowdry offers so many services so you will not be disappointed! Their customer service is above & beyond! They are all genuinely nice and not “fake” nice. I felt welcomed and it was seriously the best experience I have ever had!

If you have been looking to try &Blowdry GO NOW. Don’t forget to mention my blog and you can receive a $35 blowout or 10% off other services! (Valid until 2/9/18)

Check them out: http://andblowdry.com/


Have a great weekend,


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