Fridababy Review

Hi friends! Happy Friday! I am so excited to be reviewing some Fridababy products that were sent to me. I first heard of Fridababy when my co-worker had gifted me the Nose Frida! If you guys haven’t used the Nose Frida – what are you waiting for?! Nose Frida is a game changer and a MUST HAVE.

Baby Frida sent over DermaFrida, MediFrida, & BreatheFrida.

The DermaFrida: GENIUS! If your baby is suffering from cradle cap, dry skin, or eczema this will definitely help! It’s basically like a spa for you baby! It is so soft and made out of 100% antibacterial silicone! When Lily was a newborn she had bad cradle cap and I wish I would have used this for her! Right now her skin is dry so using this on her has been so helpful!

MediFrida: If your little one doesn’t like taking medicine or has spit-ups while taking their medicine- have no fear! With MediFrida you can insert the medicine with the Frida syringe and insert into the pacifier! How cool is that?! The medicine  will go to the side of the cheek, bypassing baby’s taste buds!

BreatheFrida: The Boogerwiper is a tissue and chest rub in one! BreatheFrida contains Chamoille + Aloe+ Vitamin B to sooth sore skin & Menthol + Eucalyptus to breathe easy! This will be perfect for when your babe has a cold or even you. (Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone)

I give all of these FridaBaby products 10/10! If you have been wanting to try these, what are you waiting for?! Head to

Have a great weekend!


Disclosure: These products were sent to me by Fridababy however this is 100% my honest review.

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