Milk Snob- Every Germaphobe’s Dream

Even before I became a mom, I have always been a germaphobe. I always carry sanitizing wipes & hand sanitizer. Even when we stay at hotels no matter if it is a 5 star hotel, I will clean the room. Now that I’m a mom that fear of germs has gone through the roof. A must have for me is my Milk Snob Cover. You might have seen Milk Snob on Shark Tank! It is so genius!

You can use the Milk Snob Cover for high chairs, car seat cover, nursing, & many more! My favorite way to use the Milk Snob cover is to use it as a shopping cart cover. I’ve always wiped down the carts but I love having an extra layer to protect Lily from the germs. Especially during this terrible flu season. We’ve been very lucky so far so that’s why I’m glad we have our Milk Snob cover. I mean, can we talk about how beautiful this cover is? I chose the cover in “Magnolia”. I am floral obsessed so of course this was a no brainer!

I love how easy and lightweight the cover is to carry with us! We cannot leave the house without it! If you would like to know more about Milk Snob just head to






Disclosure: This is in collaboration with Milk Snob. However, this is still 100% my honest review.

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