Making friends as a Mom- Hard?

Happy Monday sweet friends! I hope you all had a great weekend! I’m so excited to be talking to you guys about making friends as a Mom. You guys, making mom friends is HARD. I don’t know about others but for me it is SO hard to find mom friends.

I started my blog and Instagram to find mom friends when I first had Lily. I was lost in motherhood and I was deep in my postpartum depression. Little did I know I would meet moms just like me and now I call them my friends. Thanks Insta!

However, most of my mom friends that I’ve met via Instagram- we all live in different states. Sometimes I wish I could fly everyone on my pretend private jet and have play dates with all of you. So when we moved back to our current town I told myself I would make mom friends that I could chat with and just have play dates with. However, I still haven’t even made one friend. Wow, kind of sounds like I’m a loser but oh well. I’m being honest with you all lol.

If you have been following along with me for awhile you know I’m a silly weird mom who just loves coffee & Target trips. I’m actually very shy when I meet people at first but after we click I’m outgoing. I’ve tried to talk to other moms at the library and at the park and ya’ll It is SO HARD. They reply with polite replies but then go on with their own friends. Ouch. For some reason I feel like an outsider to these women. I mean really I just want to be like hey, are you a weird fun mom? Because I’m a weird fun mom and let’s be friends. Seriously, I’m saying it again. MAKING MOM FRIENDS IS HARD.

Do you guys ever feel this way? But I am not giving up hope because I have found some pretty weird amazing fun moms on Insta and I am hopeful to find a fellow weird fun mom that I can hang in person.

So if you ever feel like I’m feeling right now, it will be ok. You will find mom friends that you click with. But never, and I mean never doubt yourself or think that you will have to change yourself to be friends with someone. You will find your mom friends. I promise. You are enough.

Until then, who is with me on a coffee virtual mom date? LOL




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