My Top Mom Hacks to Survive Motherhood

A big thanks to Cascade pure essentials for sponsoring this post. Opinions are 100% my own.

Motherhood is a roller coaster! You never know what the day will bring or how crazy your toddler will be so I wanted to share my top Mom Hacks to help a fellow mama survive motherhood.

Mom Hack #1: Don’t let the dishes pile up- Just DO IT!

I used to wash dishes by hand. (Bleh, I know. The thought just scares me now.) As a mom I’m juggling a million tasks with a toddler at my leg so needless to say my dishwasher is my bff. But nothing makes me more annoyed than opening my dishwasher after a clean cycle to dirty dishes. That is why I switched to new Cascade pure essentials which is now available at Kroger! Cascade pure essentials Actionpacs have no phosphates and no chlorine bleach. The formula has been simplified and is infused with biobased ingredients and tackles those stuck-on messes like a boss! The perfumes are also infused with essential oils and come in lemon essence and orange blossom! Now every time I open the dishwasher door I know all of my dishes are sparkling clean! Don’t forget that now through May 25th you can get $1 off any Cascade pure essentials item with an online esaver on!

Mom Hack #2: Schedule some “Me” time

I’m one of those people who have to schedule in my “me” time. I’m always on the go that sometimes I forget to take time for myself. As moms we have multiple things on our minds and we are busy making sure everyone is fed, happy, & healthy that we forget to take care of ourselves. Each day I like to plan some “me” time which is either during nap time or when my husband gets home from work. Whether that is watching one episode of my favorite T.V. show and doing a face mask or going to get my nails done, I need that time to refresh. What good are we to our families if we are burnt out? So be sure to take some time and refresh yourself and carry on! You deserve it.

I loved sharing just a few of my top mom hacks and would love to hear some of your own! Be sure to pick up some Cascade pure essentials and schedule your me time.



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