Delta Children Silent Auto Gliding Elite Bassinet Review

This post is sponsored by Delta Children but all opinions are 100% my own.

Happy Tuesday friends! I hope you all had a great long weekend! I’m so excited to be sharing my full review over our new Delta Children Silent Auto Gliding Elite Bassinet.


  • Silent Auto gliding option: It gently rocks baby which would be perfect to rocking your baby to sleep!
  • Calming music: This will be great when baby needs some soothing sounds.
  • Nightlight: I love this feature for night time feedings and diaper changes. I won’t have to turn on the room light.
  • Wheels: The Bassinet has wheels at the bottom that lock and unlock. I love how I can easily transport the bassinet from room to room! (Perfect for when my toddler wants to move rooms and we can move baby #2 with us.)
  • Storage: One of my fav features is the storage underneath! I plan to put diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and other essentials for easy access!
  • It holds up to 15lbs (great timing for the transfer to the crib)


  • It doesn’t rock parents to sleep. LOL Jk I don’t have any cons to list because I honestly love it and I can’t wait to bring home our baby and know that she will be sleeping peacefully in her new bassinet! Thank you Delta Children!


If you are in the market for a Bassinet for look no further! You NEED this Delta Children Silent Auto Gliding Elite bassinet! You will love it!

My Top Mom Hacks to Survive Motherhood

A big thanks to Cascade pure essentials for sponsoring this post. Opinions are 100% my own.

Motherhood is a roller coaster! You never know what the day will bring or how crazy your toddler will be so I wanted to share my top Mom Hacks to help a fellow mama survive motherhood.

Mom Hack #1: Don’t let the dishes pile up- Just DO IT!

I used to wash dishes by hand. (Bleh, I know. The thought just scares me now.) As a mom I’m juggling a million tasks with a toddler at my leg so needless to say my dishwasher is my bff. But nothing makes me more annoyed than opening my dishwasher after a clean cycle to dirty dishes. That is why I switched to new Cascade pure essentials which is now available at Kroger! Cascade pure essentials Actionpacs have no phosphates and no chlorine bleach. The formula has been simplified and is infused with biobased ingredients and tackles those stuck-on messes like a boss! The perfumes are also infused with essential oils and come in lemon essence and orange blossom! Now every time I open the dishwasher door I know all of my dishes are sparkling clean! Don’t forget that now through May 25th you can get $1 off any Cascade pure essentials item with an online esaver on!

Mom Hack #2: Schedule some “Me” time

I’m one of those people who have to schedule in my “me” time. I’m always on the go that sometimes I forget to take time for myself. As moms we have multiple things on our minds and we are busy making sure everyone is fed, happy, & healthy that we forget to take care of ourselves. Each day I like to plan some “me” time which is either during nap time or when my husband gets home from work. Whether that is watching one episode of my favorite T.V. show and doing a face mask or going to get my nails done, I need that time to refresh. What good are we to our families if we are burnt out? So be sure to take some time and refresh yourself and carry on! You deserve it.

I loved sharing just a few of my top mom hacks and would love to hear some of your own! Be sure to pick up some Cascade pure essentials and schedule your me time.



Must have items for baby

Happy Tuesday friends! I can’t believe I have less than 7 weeks left in this pregnancy! I guess it is time to start kicking things into high gear because I barely have anything. LOL It’s crazy how prepared I was for baby # 1 but for baby #2 I’ve been coasting. At least I have my new diaper backpack from Lily Jade! If you have been following along for awhile you know that Lily Jade bags are the key to my heart. I currently own 4 Lily Jade bags and you guys I can’t get enough. Let me tell you about my new Lily Jade Anna backpack.

The Anna backpack comes in two sizes: medium & large. This is the medium size in Camel and Gold and IT HAS SO MUCH SPACE. This bag would be perfect for 1 kid or 2, or 6!

The Anna backpack has two main zip that provides so much storage. The interior is divided in half so the first zip zips half way with plenty of room then in the back of the backpack there is another zip that zips all the way down with even more storage! The inside still has the beautiful Lily Jade blue inside. It also has a smaller zip up front which I use this as my mommy pocket and two HUGE side pockets that can even fit a Starbucks venti cup 😉 You’re welcome.

The quality of the bag is AMAZING. Another feature of the bag that I like are the feet at the bottom. It keeps my bag from getting dirty and that is definitely a win! The Anna backpack also comes with a side strap so you can also messenger carry.

I’m starting to pack my Anna bag for the hospital. I’ve gathered a few items for baby shown here.

  • The Ollie Swaddle: Moisture-wicking fabric to prevent overheating, arms in & out design so it can grow with baby, bottom opening for quick and easy diaper changes. Be sure to check them out: The Ollie Swaddle
  • Gerber Zip up sleepers: These were my favorite to purchase with baby # 1! Zips are life for those night time changes!
  • Nordstrom baby onesie: These are the SOFTEST onesies I’ve ever felt. (Comes in a pack of 3)
  • Aden + Anais burp cloths/bibs: I’ve loved these for our first baby!

What else should I include for baby?

Important baby must have:

Dockatot Deluxe + ! I had a Dockatot the first time around with my daughter and it was a game changer. I knew with how much my first loved her Dockatot that I would want one for our second daughter. Dockatot was so kind to send us the Dockatot Deluxe +.

Dockatot Deluxe background:

Babies from 0-8 months

Baby lounger

I usually use the Dockatot when I need the little one to relax for a bit while I get something done and she loves it. I have even co slept with Dockatot as well! They also have the Dockatot Grand which my oldest still uses in her bed. This is a lifesaver in my book! Be sure to check them out here

Be sure to check out Lily Jade out! I love all of their bags but my new Anna backpack might be my new favorite! Are you going to be getting the Anna backpack too or another Lily Jade bag? Happy Shopping loves ❤

Shop Lily Jade

Our last family vacation as a family of 3 ❤ Omni Dallas

Happy Tuesday friends! I hope you all are doing well! I’m so excited to be sharing with you all the details of our last family vacation as a family of 3!

We of course headed to our favorite place in the world, Omni Dallas
Now if you have been following along for awhile you know that this is always our top place to travel! Whether you are traveling for business, with family, your significant other, or your friends – Omni Dallas is the place to stay!

In case you haven’t heard of Omni Dallas it is a beautiful hotel in downtown Dallas with an infinity pool, spa, and 7 restaurants on property. You don’t even need to leave the hotel! How awesome is that?

With baby #2 here in a couple of months, we wanted to take the time to relax with our toddler and also check out the Dallas Zoo! Visit Dallas was so kind to give us passes to the Dallas Zoo and we had a blast! However, we quickly learned that Lily is not a fan of any of the animals except the Giraffes! You could even stop and feed the Giraffes as well! It was so cool! The Dallas Zoo was absolutely gorgeous and there is so much to look at so if are thinking about bringing your kids here- DO IT!

Omni Dallas was so kind to pamper this mama! Want to know something crazy?! I have NEVER had a massage or facial. EVER. I know some of you guys might think I’m nuts but I think after my experience at Mokara spa, I am officially obsessed! Since I am pregnant I go the prenatal massage and you guys, I have never felt more relaxed. The facial was also amazing and relaxing! My skin never looked better! If you are staying at the Omni Dallas be sure to book a massage or service at the Mokara Spa! I’m telling you guys, magical unicorns work there and you will walk out feeling like a new person!

We also got to explore Klyde Warren Park to meet up with a sweet blogger friend and her two boys! The kids had so much fun and this park is so cool! It is right downtown and it was the coolest park we’ve ever been too!

We spent most of our down time hanging out in our room + hospitality suite. The views are amazing you guys! It was just so nice to just relax and really take in these moments as a family of three.

Thank you so much Omni Dallas for hosting us! We had the best time as always and can’t wait to come back as a family of 4!

Restaurants we ate at on property:

• Texas Spice: Breakfast at Texas Spice was amazing as always! We tried their breakfast buffet and you guys I was in heaven! The food selection was amazing!

• Black Ship Little Katana: This our favorite spot! For our appetizer we had Sizzling dumplings 😍 you guys. So. Much. Goodness. I loved them so much that on our last night I had a pregnancy craving for them and we did a pick up order! We also had the Toro and it was DELICIOUS! Our main course: Luke & I both had the Sea Bass which is the best sea bass we’ve ever had and Lily enjoyed her Yakisoba noodles!

• Coal Vines: Coal Vines has a nice atmosphere which is perfect for date nights. Luke & I both had the spaghetti and it was delicious! Our appetizer we tried the bruschetta and it was also good!

Be sure to stop by and try out these restaurants!

Making friends as a Mom- Hard?

Happy Monday sweet friends! I hope you all had a great weekend! I’m so excited to be talking to you guys about making friends as a Mom. You guys, making mom friends is HARD. I don’t know about others but for me it is SO hard to find mom friends.

I started my blog and Instagram to find mom friends when I first had Lily. I was lost in motherhood and I was deep in my postpartum depression. Little did I know I would meet moms just like me and now I call them my friends. Thanks Insta!

However, most of my mom friends that I’ve met via Instagram- we all live in different states. Sometimes I wish I could fly everyone on my pretend private jet and have play dates with all of you. So when we moved back to our current town I told myself I would make mom friends that I could chat with and just have play dates with. However, I still haven’t even made one friend. Wow, kind of sounds like I’m a loser but oh well. I’m being honest with you all lol.

If you have been following along with me for awhile you know I’m a silly weird mom who just loves coffee & Target trips. I’m actually very shy when I meet people at first but after we click I’m outgoing. I’ve tried to talk to other moms at the library and at the park and ya’ll It is SO HARD. They reply with polite replies but then go on with their own friends. Ouch. For some reason I feel like an outsider to these women. I mean really I just want to be like hey, are you a weird fun mom? Because I’m a weird fun mom and let’s be friends. Seriously, I’m saying it again. MAKING MOM FRIENDS IS HARD.

Do you guys ever feel this way? But I am not giving up hope because I have found some pretty weird amazing fun moms on Insta and I am hopeful to find a fellow weird fun mom that I can hang in person.

So if you ever feel like I’m feeling right now, it will be ok. You will find mom friends that you click with. But never, and I mean never doubt yourself or think that you will have to change yourself to be friends with someone. You will find your mom friends. I promise. You are enough.

Until then, who is with me on a coffee virtual mom date? LOL




Omni Dallas Babymoon Heaven

Happy Thursday friends! I hope you all are doing great and having a great week so far. I can’t believe Christmas is in a 5 days! I am back with an exciting post with my favorite hotel: Omni Dallas.

Last week we went on a mini getaway for our babymoon/husband’s birthday. As soon as we pulled up to Omni Dallas we were instantly greeted with smiling faces. Every one is so kind and helpful. We stayed in the Luxury Corner Suite and you guys I was in literal heaven. It was so nice and the view was spectacular. If you followed along last week I was so excited about the bathroom! Yes, you heard me right. The bathroom was #bathroomgoals. With the view, the amazing room, & bathroom we didn’t leave the room besides a little shopping & food of course.

Omni surprised us with balloons, birthday cake, beer for the hubby, & sparkling cider for me in the room upon arrival. Y’all my heart was so full and happy ❤ Since we were on our babymoon our key was to relax. The atmosphere of the hotel was so inviting and relaxing.

Omni has 7 restaurants on property so you never have to leave for food! On our first night we ate at Black Ship Little Katana. (You guys know this is our fav. restaurant from our last visit that we had to visit again!) If you are looking for a fun, hip, yet relaxing restaurant this place is for you! We started off our meal with Toro & Yellowfin Sashimi as our appetizer. YOU GUYS. BEST SASHIMI EVER. I’m talking about melt in your mouth type of goodness. Our server Angel then brought out Wagyu Hot Rock. If you guys have never had Wagyu Hot Rock, be sure to order it next time because it is such a neat experience! This rock cooked our beef. Can you say mind blown?! For our main course, my husband and I both had the Miso Glazed Sea Bass and it was amazing as always! I highly recommend this! We had Mango Cheesecake and Mango Mochi for dessert and they were both delicious! If you are looking for some amazing asian food be sure to stop at Black Ship next time!

The next night we ate at Bob’s Steak & Chop House. I’ve never been to a steak house before and I was so amazed at the entire experience. The restaurant was dim so I already felt relaxed the moment I walked in. My husband and I both ordered Filet with Lobster and I know I’ve said this before, but YOU GUYS. I’m shouting because it was SO GOOD. Can we also stop and talk about the amazing dessert we had?! We had a small order of their brownie sundae with peanut butter icecream. Even the small order was HUGE so imagine what the regular order would look like! The dessert did not disappoint! If you are looking for a nice place to feast, this is your spot!

On our last morning we had brunch at Cafe Herrera and I think they make the BEST breakfast tacos I have ever tasted. They have many options for brunch but can we also stop and talk about their chips and salsa? (Also, the best I have ever tasted.) If you are looking for a great brunch spot on a Saturday morning- Cafe Herrera is your place!

Our stay at Omni was amazing as always. Since we stayed during the holiday season they it beautifully decorated for Christmas. Did I mention Omni has the best lighting for pictures? 😉 #letmetakeaselfie. Omni Dallas is the most perfect place to getaway and relax. We didn’t try out the spa this time but I have heard such AMAZING things. Be sure to book a massage next time you are staying at Omni! It was so nice to unwind and relax in our room. I loved the soaking tub as well. When my husband and I left, we felt so relaxed and didn’t want to leave. I can’t wait for our next trip back!

If you want a relaxing getaway, family getaway, etc. be sure to stay at Omni Dallas. We have stayed once with a family getaway and now with just a babymoon and it is my favorite hotel for all of the things!

Thank you Omni Dallas for having us! We can’t wait to come back!

What’s in my Fawn Design Toddler Edition

Happy Friday friends! I am so excited to be sharing with you my new Fawn Design bag. I have always been a big fan of Fawn Design and have loved the quality of their bags. I own almost every single color, I guess you could say I have an obsession.

Recently Fawn Design has launched their new version of the Original and I am LIVING for these new changes. The Fawn Design bag has 12 pockets: 6 inside and 6 out. It is also made with faux leather which makes it super easy to clean up! My new favorite part of the bag is the grab handle. It makes it so easy to just grab the bag by the handle and just run out the door! They also made the side pockets bigger and don’t worry guys, I have tested out the pockets to see if a Starbucks cup fits and it does. 😉

Another feature they have changed is a hidden zip pocket in the back of the bag and also a large snap pocket that if you wanted to hide the straps you can detach and store the straps in the pocket.

With Lily being almost 2 1/2 I don’t have to carry much but if we are heading out of town of course I have to pack more for her and this bag fits ALL OF THE THINGS! I’m going to be a mom of 2 soon and this bag has a TON of room for both babes.

Here is a sneak peak in what’s in my diaper bag:

I love versatile my Fawn Design bag is! You need this bag in your life! Head to and check them out!



Disclosure : This was in collaboration with Fawn Design but as always this was my honest review.